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Jason Mosinga Foundation - Gusii Poverty Eradication


Welcome to the jason Mosinga Foundation

The primary development goal for Kenya is to achieve a broad-based, sustainable improvement in the standards of welfare of all Kenyans and kisii as a region. This will require a concerted effort to tackle the intolerably high incidence of poverty that now afflicts about half our population. While Government has a particular responsibility for spearheading action and creating a positive framework, the private sector, non-governmental and community based organizations all have a vital role to play in meeting the challenge of poverty reduction. Kenya must mobilize all available resources and use them efficiently and effectively in the fight against poverty.

Jason Mosinga Foundation has six basic components and policy objectives:

  1. To promote love and support to the orphaned children and vulnerable members of the society
  2. To increase the ability of the poor to raise their incomes and support the aged persons in society
  3. Being Non-profit making and non-political
  4. to improve equity, participation and strive to echo the plight of the voiceless and weak
  5. To provide orphan care by training them to attain life skills
  6. To maintain/establish branches and carry out charitable activities beneficial to children and the community as a whole.
  7. To raise funds locally and international for the purpose of ensuring orphaned children, youth and the vulnerable members of the society access education and better socio-economic status in Kenya.

The Strategy outlined above will be used by JMF as a regional planning framework upon which detailed sectoral priorities, programmes and allocations will be developed within hard budget constraints determined by projections of economic performance. It will also outline the policies, reforms and programmes that it will instigate over the coming years to realize the objectives described above and eradicate poverty.